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According to College Board, the SAT measures literacy, numeracy and writing skills. The SAT also assesses the proficiency of test takers in analysing and solving problems. These are broadly the same skills that are needed for academic success in college. Therefore, College Board proclaims that use of the SAT in combination with high school grades provides a better indicator of success in college than high school grades alone.

The Composite SAT Score ranges from 400 to 1600, combining test results from two 800-point sections – Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing. The minimum score in each section is 200. The Essay is scored separately and is rated on three dimensions – Reading, Analysis and Writing. The Essay will have three scores (one for each dimension), each ranging from 2 to 8.

What is the SAT?

The current SAT was adopted in 2016 with the explicit purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the test.

The SAT contains the following sections:

  • Reading  – “skills and knowledge at the heart of education: the stuff you’ve been learning in high school, the stuff you’ll need to succeed in college. It’s about how you take in, think about, and use information.” **

  • Writing and Language  – questions which test “command of evidence,” “words in context,” “analysis in History, Social Studies and in Science,” “expression of ideas,” and “Standard English Conventions.”

  • Math  – questions that are designed to mirror the problem-solving and modeling you’ll do in:

    • College math, science, and social science courses

    • The jobs that you hold

    • Your personal life

  • The Essay component will have a complete makeover and will be “like a typical college writing assignment in which you’re asked to analyze a text.”

All of the skills will be within the context of a strictly timed and fiercely competitive exam.  For this reason, some students who are accustomed to earning top grades in school are surprised to see that their SAT scores lag behind. Such students often benefit from test preparation techniques and a thorough understanding of the format and nature of the test.

**Details about the SAT on the College Board


The SAT is offered four times a year internationally – in October, December, March, and May. Most students take the SAT for the first time during the winter of their Grade 11/Year 12 year and a second time during the fall of their Grade 12/Year 13 year. In today’s competitive environment, however, a number of clients have also started their preparation in 10th grade and earlier.  



The SAT Dates in 2023 – 2024


August 24, 2024

October 5, 2024

November 2, 2024

December 7, 2024


Adult Students


  • Critical Reading

• Writing

• Math

• Essay

  • The ultimate SAT course for those who want the largest gain in the shortest time

  • Personalized drilling exercises designed to target students’ individual weaknesses

  • Drilling sets comprising 1000s of practice questions

  • Teaches fundamentals, strategies, and classic questions for all 4 sections of the test

  • 3 full length mocks with reviews led by top SAT instructors

 SAT Small Class:

 3-4 students in a class; 500HKD @Student @HR

 2000HKD For 1 hr class; 


  SAT Private tutoring  :   850HKD /hr


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  • Best-selling comprehensive SAT strategy course

  • Students boost scores by more than 220 points on average

  • Teaches fundamentals, strategies, and classic questions for all 4 sections of the test

  • Students can retake the course for free

Good For: Perfect introduction to SAT test preparation

30 Hours of Instruction + 3 Full Mock Tests  



Individual Attention

• Customized Schedules

  • Uses The Edge’s proprietary SAT Test Prep system to identify and eliminate areas of weakness

  • Available in 1 on 1, 1 on 2, and 1 on 3 settings

Good for: Students who need more individual attention or who have busy schedules

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Program Details | SAT Regular Course

Standard Course

Course Structure

  • 25 Hours of classroom instruction with a total of 10 sessions

  • 5 complimentary hours of Essay Writing Workshop 

  • 3  full-length practice tests

  • Free SAT exam review sessions



SAT Courses: Service

 Comprehensive SAT Preparation Course


Course Duration:  2hrs @class; 4 hrs @ week; 16 hrs @month-->Full course:32 hrs and 3 Mock Test


Course Overview:

Introduction to the SAT exam format and scoring.
In-depth coverage of SAT sections: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW), Math, and the optional Essay.
Extensive practice with real S
AT questions and full-length practice tests.
Test-taking strategies and time management techniques.
Individualized feedback and performance tracking.

Module 1: SAT Introduction and Diagnostic Assessment

Understanding the SAT format, structure, and scoring.
Taking a diagnostic test to assess baseline skills and identify areas of improvement.
Setting personalized score goals.

Module 2: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW)

Reading Comprehension Strategies:
Identifying main ideas, details, and inferences.
Vocabulary in context.
Passage analysis and annotation.
Writing and Language:
Grammar and punctuation rules.
Sentence structure and organization.
EBRW Practice Questions and Review.

Module 3: Math

Math Concepts and Problem Solving:
Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.
Solving equations and inequalities.
Interpreting and creating graphs.
Math Practice Questions and Review.
Math Test-taking Strategies.

Module 4: SAT Essay (Optional)

Understanding the SAT Essay prompt.
Developing a clear thesis statement.
Structuring an effective essay with evidence and analysis.
Writing and revising practice essays.
Scoring guidelines and feedback.

Module 5: Practice Tests and Test Simulation

Full-length practice SAT exams under timed conditions.
Analyzing test results and identifying areas for improvement.
Test day strategies and stress management.

Module 6: Advanced Strategies and Tips

Advanced reading and math strategies.
Time-saving techniques.
Handling challenging questions.
Reviewing common SAT traps and pitfalls.

Module 7: Final Review and Mock Tests

Comprehensive review of all SAT sections.
Additional full-length practice tests to assess progress.
Individualized feedback and score analysis.
Module 8: Test-Day Preparation

Strategies for the day before the test.
What to bring on test day.
Test center logistics and rules.
Mental and physical preparation.

Module 9: Score Improvement Plan

Analyzing final mock test scores.
Developing a targeted plan for score improvement.
Setting realistic score goals.
Post-test resources and support.


Course Materials:

Official SAT study guide and practice tests.
Supplementary study materials, such as textbooks, online resources, and practice question banks.
Writing and note-taking materials.
Assessment and Evaluation:

Weekly quizzes and assignments.
Periodic practice tests to track progress.
Individualized feedback on essay writing (if applicable).
Final mock test and score analysis.


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The SAT course at Elite Education Student Service was a game-changer for me. The comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and countless practice tests not only boosted my confidence but also improved my scores significantly. I went from struggling with the SAT to achieving scores that opened doors to top universities. Thank you, Elite Education!

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I couldn't have asked for a better SAT prep course. The course materials were spot-on, and the strategies I learned helped me tackle even the toughest questions with ease. The instructors were patient and knowledgeable, providing personalized guidance that made all the difference. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to excel on the SAT.

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As someone who initially found the SAT intimidating, I can't express how grateful I am for Elite Education Student Service. Their course transformed my approach to the exam. The strategies I acquired and the rigorous practice tests gave me the tools to succeed. I am proud to say I achieved my target score and got into my dream school."

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I was skeptical about the impact a prep course could have on my SAT performance, but Elite Education proved me wrong. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also supportive, providing valuable feedback to help me improve. The structured curriculum and regular mock tests were invaluable in boosting my scores. Highly recommended!

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The SAT course at Elite Education was a complete package. It not only improved my knowledge and test-taking skills but also boosted my confidence. The tips and strategies I learned were incredibly effective. I'm thrilled with my SAT scores, and it's all thanks to this exceptional course.

The SAT course at Elite Education exceeded my expectations. The instructors were fantastic, the study materials were comprehensive, and the practice tests truly prepared me for the real exam


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