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Who is it for?

Students who plan to study at independent or private boarding schools in the US and Canada need to take the SSAT.  Admissions officers use SSAT scores as well as personal essays, school grades, and other criteria to determine which students are admitted and which are not.  SSAT results are seen as a reliable indicator of how well students will handle the rigorous curricula characteristic of the most prestigious North American secondary schools.

When to take it?

The SSAT is offered 8 times a year – in October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and June.  

Course Overview:

  • Introduction to the SSAT exam format and scoring.

  • In-depth coverage of SSAT sections: Verbal, Math, and Reading.

  • Extensive practice with real SSAT questions and full-length practice tests.

  • Test-taking strategies and time management techniques.

  • Individualized feedback and performance tracking.


Module 1:

SSAT Introduction and Diagnostic Assessment

Understanding the SSAT format, structure, and scoring.
Taking a diagnostic test to assess baseline skills and identify areas of improvement.
Setting personalized score goals.

Module 2:

Verbal Section

Vocabulary Building:
Synonyms and analogies.
Contextual sentence completion.
Reading Comprehension:
Understanding main ideas and details.
Inferential reading skills.
Verbal Section Practice Questions and Review.

Module 3: Math Section

Math Concepts and Problem Solving:
Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis.
Word problem strategies.
Math Practice Questions and Review.
Math Test-taking Strategies.

Module 4:

Reading Section

Reading Strategies:
Identifying main ideas, details, and inferences.
Vocabulary in context.
Passage Analysis and Annotation.
Reading Section Practice Questions and Review.

Module 5:

Practice Tests and Test Simulation

Full-length practice SSAT exams under timed conditions.
Analyzing test results and identifying areas for improvement.
Test day strategies and stress management.

Module 6: Advanced Strategies and Tips

Advanced verbal, math, and reading strategies.

Time-saving techniques.

Handling challenging questions.

Reviewing common SSAT traps and pitfalls.

Module 7: Final Review and Mock Tests

Comprehensive review of all SSAT sections.

Additional full-length practice tests to assess progress.

Individualized feedback and score analysis.

Module 8: Test-Day Preparation

Strategies for the day before the test.

What to bring on test day.

Test center logistics and rules.

Mental and physical preparation.

Module 9: Score Improvement Plan

Analyzing final mock test scores.

Developing a targeted plan for score improvement.

Setting realistic score goals.

Post-test resources and support.


SSAT Courses: Service
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  • Lessons begin with exercises that teach 1,000 high-frequency SSAT words

  • Comprehensive overview of all the sections in the test, covering the essential concepts and strategies

  • Students can retake the course for free

  • Also available for ISEE students

Good for: Students in early and middle high school looking for an introduction to test preparation

20 Hours of Instruction + 2 Full Mock Tests – HK$5,800

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  • Teaches 600+ SSAT and SAT vocabulary words

  • Lays the foundations for effective persuasive writing for younger students

  • Students can retake the course for free

Good for: Students who are preparing for the SSAT/ISEE or wanting an early start on SAT preparation

20 Hours of Instruction + 1 Mock Test – HK$6,800

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Individual Attention

• Customized Schedules

  • Uses Elite Education’s proprietary SAT Test Prep system to identify and eliminate areas of weakness

  • Available in 1 on 1, 1 on 2, and 1 on 3 settings

Good for: Students who need more individual attention or who have busy schedules

The SAT course at Elite Education exceeded my expectations. The instructors were fantastic, the study materials were comprehensive, and the practice tests truly prepared me for the real exam


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