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What is the ACT?

The ACT is a standardized examination that American universities use for admissions. The ACT Test is a curriculum- and standards-based educational tool that assesses students’ academic readiness for college.

All four-year colleges and universities in the US accept the ACT.

Who is it for?

Any student interested in attending university in the US should consider taking the ACT or at least a mock exam.  Taking a mock or practice exam allows students to understand where they rank among students worldwide, which universities they should consider researching, and what steps they need to take to earn the score they need to attend their ideal school. Furthermore, once students have earned an ACT score, they can understand better how admissions scores such as the ACT or SAT fit into the overall academic profile of a college applicant.  School grades, extracurricular activities, and personal essays are just some additional factors that admissions officers weigh along with ACT/SAT scores in determining who gets admitted and who doesn’t.

When to take it?

The ACT is offered five times a year internationally – in April, June, September, October, and December. Most students take the ACT for the first time during the winter of their Grade 11/Year 12 year and a second time during the fall of their Grade 12/Year 13 year.

Course Details

  • 24 hours of Instruction (8 classes x 3 hours) + 2 Official ACT Mock Tests

  • Live or Online: Students can join the class on campus or online from home.

  • Video Recordings: Students can review any past lectures online.

  • Free US University Consultation for your family with an ITS admissions consultant.

Course Breakdown





Comprehensive Course on:

  • English 

  • Math 

  • Reading 

  • Science 

  • Essay

The ultimate ACT course for those who want the largest gain in the shortest time

Personalized drilling exercises designed to target students’ individual weaknesses

Drilling sets comprising 1000s of practice questions

Teaches fundamentals, strategies, and classic questions for all sections of the test

3 full length mocks with reviews led by top ACT instructors

Good For: 

Families with busy Summer schedules who need the most comprehensive ACT test preparation.

70 Hours of Instruction + 3 Full Mock Tests with Review – HK$20000


Comprehensive Course on:

Obtain what you truly need to be “prepared” for the ACT

  • Includes techniques and strategies for dealing with difficult questions

  • Covers the fundamental concepts that appear on the examination

  • Consists of an all-new approach to writing the optional essay

  • Students can retake the course for free

30 Hours of Instructions + 3 Full Mock Tests – HK$14,800


Private Lessons

Individual Attention

• Customized Schedule

  • Uses  ACT Test Prep system to identify and eliminate areas of weakness

  • Available in 1-on-1,-2, and -3 settings

Good for: Students who need more individual attention or who have busy schedules


Course Structure

2.5hours for each lesson

25 Hours of classroom instruction with a total of 10 sessions

5 complimentary hours of Essay Writing Workshop

3 full-length practice tests

Free ACT exam review sessions

ACT Courses: Service
The SAT course at Elite Education exceeded my expectations. The instructors were fantastic, the study materials were comprehensive, and the practice tests truly prepared me for the real exam


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