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Terms and Conditions

When placing an Order You agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. If You do not agree with any of the following terms and conditions, You should not use this website for any purposes.

By using the Services, placing an Order, you agree to have your Personal Data collected, stored and used by the Company as described in the Terms and Conditions and in Privacy Policy. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as by using the services, you agree to all the terms mentioned. If you do not agree to provide your Personal Data, unfortunately you won't be able to fully use the services and/or complete the Order form/access personal account.You have the right to amend your mailing preferences and cancel any emailing at any time. Feel free to contact Support agent for the assistance. stands for "Website".

Terms "Customer", "You" or "Yours" refer to You or the person who is submitting the Order form on Your behalf.

Terms "Company", "Our" and "We" stand for

Term "Product" refers to an original research or any other written Product that is completed according to the specifications of the customer, and delivered to him/her in accordance with the Order and can be used for further research on the topic.

Term "Order" relates to the scope of the project or work, as well as other requirements specified by the Customer.


By filling in the Order form and submitting it on our website, You agree that You purchase the Product for Your personal use, and that You will not be re-selling it to any individual or Company. You must understand and agree that the Products are drafted or written by freelance professionals who have transferred the Copyright of the Product to our Company. The product provided can be used for referencing purposes only. You can use the material for further researching and writing your own paper.


To place an Order or inquiry, You must fill in an online form on our website. The online form will require You to submit some personal details or information to place the Order. Please be advised that Your information remains secure with us and the Company under no circumstances would share Your personal details with any third party. Please go through our "Privacy Policy" to view further details on this subject.

You will receive emails notification regarding information on significant stages of Your Order progress such as its fulfillment, clarification and completion. The price of the Product Ordered by You depends on type of work, urgency and writer's level. As soon as You proceed with the payment for Your Order, the deadline timer will start counting down.


All the details regarding the Company's charges, rates and fees can be found on our website. If Your Product requirement does not fall in any regular category of work, or if Your Order requires to being amended in such a way that it does not meet Your initial requirement specifications, then the Company reserves the right to set its own rates and charges for the delivered Product.

Customers must provide all the requirements upon placing an Order. Any delay in providing additional instructions and/or materials can cause Order completion delay.


Once the Product is complete, the Company makes it available for the Customer and sends automatic notification to the customer's email.

The Customer is eligible to receive a part of the refund if the Company is unable to submit within the committed deadline. Please be advised that the Company cannot be held liable for any delays that arise due to technical issues or problems at the Customer's end.


Free revision is done only within the original instructions. In case You change instructions or add new that would require extra pages to be written, You will be asked to pay for them before the revision is done.


All the Products and Services delivered by Our Company to the Customers are original. Our Company retains the full copyrights of all the products that are delivered to You. The Products on this Website are made available to the Customers for their personal use only, and any commercial use of the Products by the Customer can lead to civil or/as well as criminal penalties. This Website does not allow You to publish, distribute, display, modify or use derivative works or any part of this website. Completed projects should be used for personal research on the subject needed.


Our Website does have the 'Money back guarantee' for all orders completed in breach of the Terms and Conditions. All placed orders are a subject to our cancellation and refund policy as set in our 'Money Back Guarantee and Refunds' section of the Site.

IMPORTANT! The Company is not responsible for the grades that the Customer receives.


We do not tolerate plagiarism in the products we deliver and we do everything possible to provide the best custom writing services. Please be informed that if the Company finds that its Product has been plagiarized, the work will be re-done.

Please understand that according to the agreement between You and the Company, Your name will not be mentioned on the delivered Product. The material provided to You by the Company is solely to help You with research, and we do not encourage plagiarism or academic fraud in any form. We are strongly committed to adhere to Copyright laws and hence we do not encourage any Customer or freelancer professionals to plagiarize or infringe Copyright laws. You must understand and come to an agreement with the Company that all the Products delivered to You are solely for research, and are provided to You as a sample, so that You can extract creative ideas and content from the document provided by us.

The Company cannot be held responsible for any unethical, incongruous, illegal or wrongful usage of the Products supplied by the Company to its Customers. The Company does not take any responsibility for the Customers activities such as plagiarism, lawsuits, academic probation, detention, poor grading, suspension, expulsion, failure, or loss of any grants or scholarships. The person who purchases the Product from our website is solely liable for any disciplinary action that arises due to the purchase, unethical or improper or illegal usage of the Product.

We take utmost care to ensure that plagiarism level in all Products delivered to our Customers is as low as 10% (excluding the bibliography and references page).In the very unlikely event of You finding the plagiarism level to be above 10%, You hold the right to request for revision or re-work.


The Company guarantees that the product submitted to You will have a plagiarism level of less than 10% (excluding quotations and references). We also guarantee that all Your instructions will be duly followed; all Your formatting requests and requirements will be precisely met. We also guarantee that You will receive a well-researched Product that will surely comply with the standard format and levels of the English language.

Please be informed that we do not guarantee any specific grade, and You cannot ask for a refund if You did not receive a desired grade.


Please read our "Privacy Policy" on our Website to know more about Our Policies and Practices regarding the collection, usage and protection of online guest/Customer's information.

You are hereby requested to acknowledge and approve that we may from time to time unilaterally alter the above Terms and Conditions. We therefore recommend You to review these Terms and Conditions frequently to check any changes that are reflected in this section of our company's Website.

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